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Outdoor Practical Activities


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Our academy provides a lot of outdoor make-up practical especially to Diploma students. This will enable them to gain working experiences which will enable them to get a good career after graduation. The work experience with different kinds of make-up sectors and media are necessary to prepare our student artists for many types of working environment and interaction within the make-up industry. This can enhance their communication skills with clients.
Work experiences, communication skills and working knowledge are the most important factors  towards developing a good career.
Our academy offered the most outdoor practical activities among make-up academies in Malaysia. We have a long term and good relationship with the advertising media such as TV stations (8TV, NTV7, TV3, TV2, Astro AEC, etc), magazines (NUYOU, FEMALE, etc), make-up products branding, and events such as Hair Shows (MHA), Fashion Shows (MIFA), Stage Shows (Chempaka, @Genting Arena of Stars, UKM, UM, TAR, etc).
The activitie shown below are some of our academy’s outdoor make-up practical work experiences for students artists prior to graduation.


本学院提供许多的户外实习于学生们,尤其是文凭系列的学生们。学生们参与各种不同的户外实习是为了增加他们的工作机会,以让他们在毕业之后可以得到很好的工作前途。学生们与不同机构与媒体的工作实习,可以让他们习惯在不同的工作环境下实习,也可以让他们跟许多不同的人士打交道以增加工作机会。除 此之外,学生们也可以学习到沟通技巧。工作经验,沟通技巧与工作技术是得到好的工作机会的先决条件。