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Perfect Point Make-up & Hair Academy

The Best Make-up Academy in Malaysia since year 1998

Achieved over 80 Make-up Competition Awards in 17 Years


Kuala Lumpur (Cheras) (Hotline : +6-017-7161295 / wechat: perfectpointmakeup)
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Perfect Point Make-up & Hair Academy instructors and students have achieved over 80 make-up competition awards in 17 years.

Our students have a very good career in this industry and some of them are in the high positions in the corporate world.

Some of our students have open make-up academies nationwide by following our teaching method and syllabus. But our academy is the only genuine and original academy that provide superb quality of teaching.

We advise the public to learn the course from our academy, because we are the only original and genuine academy that build up the syllabus by ourselves.

The Competition Awards photos and name lists are show below:-


Perfect Point Make-up & Hair Academy 在17年时间里荣获了超过80个彩妆大赛奖项。



本学院劝导大众如要学习课程的话,请记得要选择原创,因为原创都是最优秀的。我们希望大家要谨慎选择学院 ,别选错以免后悔莫及。





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