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Perfect Point Make-up & Hair Academy

The Best Make-up Academy in Malaysia since year 1998

Achieved over 80 Make-up Competition Awards in 17 Years


Kuala Lumpur (Cheras) (Hotline : +6-017-7161295 / wechat: perfectpointmakeup)
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Perfect Point Make-up & Hair Academy provide superb quality of teaching for students nationwide. The location is in Kuala Lumpur (Cheras).

We provide the same superb quality of teaching using our standardized course syllabus nationwide for make-up, hairstyling, fashion accessories, eyelash design, art courses, etc.

We emphasized on a 1-to-1 teaching method basis for all our lessons to ensure the quality of education in our academy is not compromised.

Photography shooting services are available to assist our students in preparing their Student Profile Make-up Images and documenting their skills improvements progressively.

Outdoor practical training is also provided for our Diploma/Certificate students throughout their academic year, when available.
We also providing make-up, hairstyling and body art services to walk-in and on-site customers (by appointment only).


本学院提供全国不同地点的学生超高水平的教育 。 地点是在 吉隆坡 - 蕉赖 。

我们提供同等的超高水准的教育水平 。 我们也是利用一样的课程纲要教学的。

我们都有提供 彩妆课程 , 发型设计课程 ,时尚首饰配件设计课程 ,眼睫毛设计课程 , 美术课程 等等 课程。

本学院在教导彩妆与发型设计课程是利用 1 对 1 的教学方式。

我们有提供学生作品拍摄服务 。 诺导师们觉得学生的彩妆作品优秀,作品就会被拍摄起来,然后在将来会被学生采用制作成毕业简历。

户外工作实习将会提供给本学院的文凭学生以得到工作经验 。

我们也有提供彩妆 ,发型设计以及人体彩绘服务于大众 (需预约)。