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The photos shown below are the images that were creatively created by our instructors and students as part of their Student Profile requirements and practical training experience. All photos are genuine and copyrighted. Appended in the gallery below are a few categories of makeup including:-

In-house makeup competition images, bridal make-up & hair images, magazine shooting images, creative makeup images, classic make-up & hair images, hairstyling images, body art & dual brush art images, eyelash design images, fashion accessories design, aging & injury simulation images.


以下的照片都是由本学院的导师们与学生们亲手制作。照片都是由本学院版权所有 。 在这作品集内有不同的项目,如下:-

- 历届学院彩妆比赛造型, 新娘彩妆与发型设计造型, 杂志拍摄造型, 创意彩妆造型, 经典彩妆与发型设计造型, 发型设计造型, 人体彩绘与双色排笔彩绘造型, 眼睫毛设计造型, 首饰配件设计, 老人与受伤特殊效果造型。