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Perfect Point Make-up & Hair Academy

The Best Make-up Academy in Malaysia since year 1998

Achieved over 80 Make-up Competition Awards in 17 Years


Kuala Lumpur (Cheras) (Hotline : +6-017-7161295 / wechat: perfectpointmakeup)
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Perfect Point Make-up & Hair Academy (better known as Gold Goh Perfect Point) provides the highest standard of education in all aspects of make-up & hairstyling. Founded by our Chairman, Mr.Gold Goh, in 1998, he injected a wealth of experience and true passion to the make-up artistry and creativity in Malaysia. We aim to provide the highest standards of tuition for our make-up artistry, fashion sense and hair styling in Malaysia.

Gold Goh Perfect Point was established and recognized by the industry since 2002, whereby our instructors and artists/students achieved more than 80 competition awards (organized by Shu Uemura, Lancome, Maybelline, YSL, Paul & Joe, etc) in make-up competitions. It can be state as one of the best makeup academy in Malaysia.

Mr.Gold Goh is a celebrity and has been dubbed, “The Make-up King”, by the SUN Newspapers after he became the Champion in the prestigious Shu Uemura The Beauty Art Make-up Competition in 2003.

Our Courses duration ranged from 5 Days to 15 months and Student Registration is renewable.We offered full-week, part-week, night time and weekend make-up & hairstyling courses. Start dates can be anytime or day throughout the academic year as per our academy’s opening hours. These include introductory courses for beginners seeking to learn more about makeup techniques and application, through to a highly intensive course targeted for those who wish to pursue a career as a Commercial make-up artist. The curriculum covers training across all scope and aspects of make-up disciplines including bridal show, stage shows, photography, TV, film, printed media, theatre, etc.

Our Make-up courses are highly modular, streamlined and structured, providing excellent value for money. We offer excellent teaching ratio of student to instructor for our lessons. All our makeup courses are taught by trained experienced specialist makeup and hair instructors. The makeup product brands used by the academy include Beyu (Germany), Malu Wilz (Germany), and other reputable brands.

Perfect Point Make-up & Hair Academy 化妆与发型设计学院是由大马著名化妆大师 Mr. Gold Goh 在 1998 年亲自创办,是以化妆为主导的专业艺术学院,是全国同行业中的引领者。作 为传播美学艺术的培训基地,本学院对大马彩妆造型艺术的推动和发展,行业地位的文明和进步做出了积极贡献。


在学院创办多年来,本学院的导师们与学生们荣获了超过80项彩妆比赛的奖项。而创办人 Mr.Gold Goh 在 2003年获取了Shu Uemura The Beauty Art 彩妆大赛以及在彩妆界不懈的贡献,被同行业者尊崇为彩妆皇帝。本学院也积极的参与各类的彩妆活动如著名电视节目,选美秀,传媒活动等等以让学生们可以在不同的工作环境下吸取经验,以打好他们毕业后工作的基础。参与的节目有NTV 7-开心就好,8 TV - 终极天王,Astro AEC-经典名曲歌唱大赛等等节目的化妆赞助。


本学院教导出许多毕业生在全国各大彩妆学院担任导师,有 些也开了不下二十间的彩妆学院 。 观看全国,也只有本学院的毕业生才有能力开了不下二十间的彩妆学 院以及担任导师以及模仿本学院的教学方式。


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