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Express Make-up & Hair Image Advanced Cert. Course


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Express Make-up & Hair Image Advanced Certificate Course is the fundamental professional level course of Perfect Point Make-up & Hair Academy. In this course, you will learn the make-up and hairstyling skills that are required in the market today. This course is of a high standard compared with other academies, and only a short duration is required to be a professional make-up artist. In addition, you can learn fashion accessories design , basic eye-lasher design & some fundamental make-up skills that are requireded by the industry today.

The course provides some outdoor practical training. Our Professional graduate students are needed by some industries because of the fundamental experience and skills that are acquired from our academy  at the professional level.
The course encompassed the very basics to a fundamental level of standards achievable. Practical training, both inside and outside the academy, runs concurrently, enabling our students to utilize the skills that they have learnt on potential clients using the “practice as you learn” concept. The make-up & hair course are conducted on a 1-to-1 basis according to individual student’s progress and not class-by-class. Hence, students will not be disadvantaged if they are absent from the academy for short periods of time as they can follow their own class time-table schedule.


专门彩妆与发型设计高级证书课程是本学院普通等级的课程. 在这课程里, 学生们可以学习到现在所流行的彩妆与发型设计技巧。 除此之外,这课程也提供了彩妆与发型设计之外的附属课程,例如时尚首饰配件设计,眼睫毛设计等等在这时尚界比较需要到的课程。

这课程可以得到一些的户外工作实习. 本学院专业文凭的毕业生是在这行业里有工作需求量的学生,因为他们所学习的课程与其他学院最高等级的课程是可争一日长短的。这课程是适合于一些要尽快成为一位普通专业彩妆师的学生。

这课程是由最基础开始学习直至到完成为止。在学院内 学习以及户外工作实习在很多时候会在同时进行,以让学生们在最短的时间里把刚学习到的技巧可以运用在实习中。 彩妆与发型设计课程是以1对1教学来进行,所以学生们不需担心学漏了哪些技巧




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